Letting guide

Our Property Management process in detail

Determining the rent

We spend time researching market conditions, statistics and recent market movements to determine your property’s optimum achievable rental potential. We never give you unrealistic expectations as these inflated promises can result in the property staying on the market vacant for extended periods of time, costing you valuable income.


We guarantee regular, timely communication and welcome your feedback. We will discuss your individual needs, strategise a long-term plan and ensure prompt resolution of any issues.


Using a combination of web, print, database and signage, we’ll maximise exposure of your investment, including major real estate portals and our own website. Open house inspections and private viewings enable us to monitor interest and provide you with a weekly report.

Meticulous screening of tenants

Securing the best tenants is crucial for maximising return and ensuring proper maintenance of your property. All of our potential tenants are thoroughly screened and reference checked, including default checks across Australia’s three largest tenant database systems, TICA, TRA and Barclays.

Rental payments by tenants

We have a strict zero arrears policy with stringent checks and procedures in place to ensure that late payments are dealt with promptly as per the legislation.

Repairs and maintenance

All maintenance and repair issues are dealt with rapidly and cost efficiently. As soon as tenants inform us of any issues, we let you know and with your approval instruct insured licensed tradespeople to do an expert job. For emergencies, tenants have emergency numbers on hand to ensure issues are dealt with in the proper way.

Renovations and decorating

Through our relationships with trusted, reliable tradespeople, we can organise quotes and monitor the progress of both minor and major renovations, providing images and videos so you’re kept fully informed.

Payment of expenses 

To save you the time and hassle we can arrange payment of outgoings such as water and council rates, insurance and strata levies, directly from your rental income.

Regular rent reviews

We regularly review rents in accordance with legislation to ensure you receive the maximum return possible, based on our intimate market knowledge, the current climate and the unique qualities of your property.


At the start of each tenancy we conduct an initial inspection and provide a detailed condition report. After this we will inspect your property twice a year, sending you a comprehensive inspection report with photos, stating any immediate repairs required. Advice will also be given on recommended future improvements and maintenance to ensure continued optimum return on your investment. Our aim is to ensure that your property is being properly looked after as per the Tenancy Agreement and legislation.

Vacate inspection

When the tenants vacate we conduct a comprehensive property inspection to ensure that the state is comparative with the original condition report, taking into consideration fair wear and tear as per the legislation.

Tax depreciation

As buildings get older they wear out. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows property investors to claim this wear and tear as a deduction, called depreciation. Research shows that approximately 80% of investors are not claiming the maximum depreciation they’re entitled to, which can lead to thousands of dollars in missed tax deductions. To assist, we can provide further information upon request.

Technology and efficiency

We employ the latest technology and processes to increase efficiency and improve our service offering.

Management health check

  • Are smoke detectors fitted and in working order? Batteries are to be changed between leases.
  • Does all glass, including shower screens, comply with current legislation?
  • Have you checked that all your electrical appliances, power sockets, lights and light switches are safe and in working order?
  • Is the balcony safe and compliant with current legislation?
  • Is the property secure with all locks in good working order?
  • Do you have insurance – building/contents with public liability insurance?
  • Do you have landlord protection insurance?
  • Do you have a security system installed, if so is it in good working order?
  • Do you have water saving devices fitted to charge tenants water usage? Only possible where the property has a private water meter. If so, proof is required.
  • Are there any water leaks requiring repair?
  • Have you assessed the property for any trip hazards i.e. uneven pavers, cracked concrete, loose steps?
  • Are the gutters clear of leaves?
  • Do you need to organise a gardener prior to leasing or during the tenancy?
  • Is the property clean to a standard that you’re happy to receive it back in, including carpets?
  • Are the pool chemical levels correct and all equipment in working order? Have you arranged for the pool to be regularly checked and maintained, or given the tenants the appropriate instructions to do so?
  • Does the safety fence around the pool comply with legislation and is there a self-closing gate installed in working order?
  • Have you ensured that you have keys to all windows, doors, sheds, garages, etc., and arranged at least two full sets to be provided to the agent? (depending on number of tenants moving in and one set for agent required).
  • Are all remotes in good working order with new batteries installed?
  • Have all gas appliances been serviced within the last two years?
  • Have all blind and curtain cords been fitted with safety clips to meet legislative requirements?
  • Have you re-directed mail?
  • Have you cancelled contracts with suppliers? Note that power needs to stay on until a tenant is found.
  • Relax. Your property is in safe hands.