Selling with Kellys

We take you step by step through the sales process with ease.


Our experience and detailed research give us invaluable market insight, enabling us to price properties accurately according to market nuances and buyer behaviour. There are a number of factors influencing our pricing strategy – the current state of the market, buyer demand, competing properties and the features and appeal of your home. We price your property honestly then use our expertise to negotiate the best possible price.

Method of sale

There are a number of sales methods – the main being private treaty and auction – and all have their advantages depending on the property, market conditions and your personal preference. It’s important that you feel comfortable and informed regarding your chosen method.

Private treaty

Owner and agent agree on a price range then negotiations are conducted with interested parties. When a suitable offer has been made and agreed upon, a deposit is paid and the terms of settlement are set. There is no fixed timeframe and a property can sell any time from the day it’s placed on the market. A cooling off period allows the buyer a chance to withdraw their offer. This can be an effective method of sale in a less heated market.


An auction sale is undertaken at a prescribed time at the end of a marketing campaign, which generally runs for four weeks. Auctions have a high degree of emotion and an element of urgency, creating competition among bidders. This emotive nature can often lead to bidders exceeding their pre-determined price limit to secure the property, especially in a heated market.


A well-planned and executed marketing campaign is critical to sales success. We tailor strategic, cost-effective marketing plans for maximum exposure to the right target market, using print, signage, digital and social media to great effect. Our marketing material is professionally produced to showcase your property in its best possible light.


We aim to minimise disruption to your daily life during the sale period, scheduling inspections at times that will attract maximum viewers and show off your home in its best light. We also conduct private appointments for those who can’t make it to scheduled inspections. If your property is tenanted, we will work with your tenants to diplomatically navigate the inspection process and keep disruption to a minimum. Rest assured one of our consultants will always be there during open homes.


We strongly recommend you engage a solicitor or conveyancing firm to handle the legal aspects of your sale, protect your interests and ensure the transaction proceeds to schedule. We can recommend trusted, experienced consultants to guide you through the process.